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Got Any Questions, Requests Or Thoughts?
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We’re Much More Than A Website.

We like to talk to our customers and give a much better level of service than other web only stores can.

For your peace of mind, not only are we here to ask the right questions and advise before you buy or rent something, we are here and fully able to help should something go wrong!

We also make sure you will have everything you want and will need….

• right cables?
• right connectors?
• right product(s)?

so you’ll have no nasty surprises when goods are unpacked & installed.

We feel this cannot be done if only clicking a “Buy It Now” button like you might do elsewhere!  Still tempted to do that?

What Products Do You Sell?

We can help and advise you choose from a huge array of product lines we sell.

For a full list of manufacturers, please click here.

If there is a specific brand or product you are interested in, with our contacts and reputation we’re confident we will able to source it for you.

What Products Do You Rent?

Please click here for our Rental Rate Card.

If there is a specific product or solution you are looking to rent, please let us know what you ideally need and how long you will be wanting to rent it for.

We will always try our best to help.

How Do I Buy Or Rent From You?

Please use our secure online store or give us a call on 0845 4301080 (International +44 1425 474725).

If you can’t get to a phone, you can also get in touch with us via our contact page here:

Our Contact Page

and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we do.

Please get in touch and let us what you are looking to buy, where you would like it shipped to and we’ll get back to you an individual shipping quote.

How Can I Pay?

We accept the following Debit and Credit Cards:

We also accept Cheques, Bankers Drafts & Postal Orders.

Please make payable to “Rent a Raid Ltd.” and send to our postal address:

Rent a Raid Ltd.
16 Warren Close
BH24 2AJ, UK