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Customer Testimonials
Please share your thoughts or comments regarding any products or services received from us.

All correspondence will be welcomed and please use our contact form here.

Hi Neil,

Just to let you know everything arrived next day and we plugged it all in yesterday and working perfectly!

Thanks for sorting.


James - Oxford Digital Media - 23/03/2018

Hi Neil,

3 editors flat out on multi stream Final Cut editing. Shared storage supplied by Rentaraid and is working flawlessly.

The result is our productivity has shot through the roof and exceeded my hopes.

Wish we'd installed it years ago!

So, just to say - thanks!

Pete - Eyeline Media - 18/11/2016

Hi Neil,

Thank you for your telephone advice which helped me make an informed decision rather than depend on just advertising hype.

A pleasure to do business with you, excellent and appreciated customer service.


Dr Paul Cook - 04/11/2016

All working perfectly and had no issues whatsoever. Also It was so great to see just how easy it was and how quickly I can break everything down here and set up somewhere else.

Really happy with the Shared Storage System you designed and installed for us. Totally perfect for what we needed so thank you for your help, advice and continued support.


Marco Barcella - Go-Film.co.uk - 02/08/2016

Just to let you know. All went well with the OSX upgrade.

Tick tock, clock work.

Thanks again for the support and have a lovely day!


Stephen Langmanis - Digital Pro UK Ltd. - 21/07/2016

Just to let you know that the Shared Storage System is working very well, all the machines are operating without any dropped frames.

Apart from everything else, the rooms are much quieter and pleasant now!

Thanks again for all your help last week.

Best regards

Pete - Eyeline Media - 18/04/2016

Thanks for the prompt and courteous service, as always. Even for such a small order.


David Slaughter - 07/03/2016

All arrived safely today and thanks as always for your help. Great service.

All the best,

Richard Thomson - Kaptcha - 02/03/2016

Hi Neil,

Just to inform that the Hard Drive arrived this afternoon and it is integrated and operational in the edit suite.
Thanks again for providing a first class service... 

Chris Thomas - 09/12/2015

Most impressed by Neil at Rentaraid. I use a 4TB G Raid twin disc drive in Raid 0 configuration for editing on Final Cut Pro X on my iMac.

The 18 month old disc works only intermittently. Neil recommended the new version - with removable drives, and to use the old disc as a backup, rather than move to the slower Raid 1 configuration.

New drive is superb, and very quiet in operation, compared with the old one. Very happy also with one working day delivery service as well.

Ian Morris - IMM Associates Ltd - 26/10/2015

Thanks for all your help Neil. The LTO is chuntering away slowly creating an archive from all my risky spinning disks. I'll give YoYottaID a good trial. Martin was extremely helpful and I like what I have experienced so far.

Getting a speedy workflow is a learning curve, I can see that esata, USB 3 and T'bolt are going to give me the best speeds.

If ever you need a reference site please feel free to ask - I'll be only too happy to recommend you.

Simon M - 15/03/2015

Just to saw "Awesome Service" and a big thank you as the SanLinks have just turned up.

Richard P - 19/12/2014

Hi Neil,

It's arrived!! Thank you very much, excellent service as ever.

Looks great, I've already checked it out and drooled all over it.

Can't wait to get it home - mirror raided and backing up all my life's rubbish!!

Thanks again,

Ian - 09/09/2014

Thanks for all your help Neil!

Shooting 4k video and recording multi-channel audio, I suspect we'll be talking again quite soon!

Kind wishes,

Nick - 03/07/2014.

Thank you very much for your help, and as always, great service...

Best regards for now,

Duncan - 10/04/2014.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me out over the past two days.

If our paths ever cross, I owe you quite a few beers!


Paddy - 10/04/2014.

I found Rent a Raid from a Google search of a product I was considering and rang them in a state of mild panic and considerable confusion - my Drobo unit had become corrupted and I needed a new system fast.

Straight away Neil understood exactly what I needed and steered me away from the product I was initially looking at and pointed me towards a superior but more cost effective solution.

The recommended units weren’t in stock and I needed something fast to send up to the data recovery company who were working on my Drobo so they could copy the data over and send it back to me. Neil went above and beyond usual customer service by sending them a couple of loaner hard drives. These arrived back to me with all my original data intact at the same time as the new RAIDs were delivered. This saved me several days of being without my data.

Once everything was with me Neil patiently guided me through the whole set up process of the RAIDs he had pre-configured and the archive, backup and offsite backup system he recommended is far superior to what I had in place previously and is great value for money.

If, like me, your business requires you to safely store large amounts of critical data I can’t recommend Neil and Rent a Raid highly enough as your first port of call.

All the best,

Luke - 10/03/2014.

My package arrived today as requested. Thanks for making sure it was delivered so promptly.

I'll definitely use your company in future.


Dean - 01/11/2013

Hi Neil,

I’ve just collected them from our post room.

Thanks for the great service.


Linda - BBC Bristol - 03/09/2013

Hi Neil,

Yes - arrived yesterday thank you. Apparently it was being held because they did not have my email and we need to pay our local NZ sales tax, GST.

All paid and we have received in very good physical condition.

Thank you for your help and excellent service. Have a nice day and a nice weekend from down-under...


Brian - 11/07/2013

Unit delivered successfully, powers up and mounts perfectly, now transferring music library data from backup ("about 8 hours").

Thanks for your invaluable help. I will be sure to recommend you to colleagues.


Richard E - 18/06/2013

Hi Neil,

Just thought I'd let you know that I am simply AMAZED at how fast this system is with the Areca.

It's the fastest Avid I've ever worked on - including full desktop with unity.


Barnaby Pilling - 15/06/2013

Hi Neil,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help and tech support. First class friendly advice and service.

I'll be back soon.

Kind regards

Andy Laenen Photography - 21/05/2013

I was recommended Rentaraid by an associate in the business of computer networks.

I spoke to Neil at Rentaraid and he warmly and enthusiastically advised me which Raid Array he thought would best suit me. He didn't recommend the most expensive option like many shops would, but gave me genuine recommendation and also gave me a great price on two spare drives.

After my purchase arrived promptly the next day Neil talked me through setting it up and now I am fully up and running with enormous peace of mind.

Will definitely recommend and use Rentaraid again.

J Fellows - 17/05/2013

Top top service again, Neil.

Much appreciated.

'Till next time........!


Barnaby - 16/05/2013

I received the raid array and it works perfectly.

Thanks again for the fast shipping and the expert advice that you provided.

Dan C - 28/03/2013

Excellent service - I'll certainly be back again, when I next need another HDD.

Best regards,

Duncan - 22/03/2013

Great service. I used to buy my hard drives via Amazon. Ditched them now.

Great to find you.

All the best,

Peter - 23/02/2013

Thank you for the service, definitely come to you for our future HD needs.


Teak - 07/02/2013

Neil - You're a star!!

Thank you ever so much.

Above and beyond the call of duty!

Really appreciate it!


David B - 09/12/2012

Thank you for your excellent service. I was very impressed with the turnaround time between order of the G Drive and it delivery.

The purchase price was also very competitive compared to other web sites I researched.

Thanks very much.

Stuart G - 12/10/2012

So glad I found you guys - was pulling my hair out this morning .. you have been proof that customer service still exists in the UK.

James W - 24/08/2012

Received Drobo Unit from you - very quick delivery. Thanks for setting it up for me. I have installed Drobo Dashboard from the resource cd and registered with Drobo. There was another cd called PC backup which I wasn't sure about? I may in the future be interested in getting a large thunderbolt drive setup for my new iMac to be used for video editing with Avid MC6. Keep me in mind if any deals come up. All in all very impressed with your service ! Will keep an eye on your website.


David - 07/03/2012

Hi Neil,

Just to let you know thats the CalDigit card just arrived.

Thanks for your amazing service.


Steve - 17/02/2012

That's fantastic. Thanks for your great service.


Barney - 08/12/2011

Thanks Neil,

That's really great. I have to say, you've been that much more knowledgeable and helpful than ("another supplier's name was given"), whom I have up till now got stuff from.

Many thanks again,

All the best,

Dan - 09/11/2011

Loving it. Thanks for the great service.

In a few weeks (around 20th august) I'll be placing an order for a second one.

Ricardo Liberato - 01/08/2011

Thanks for your help and guidance. It makes a big difference to speak to knowledgeable people who just want to help by advising the best solution from them.

I sure we will do business again and I will have no hesitation recommending your services to friends and family.


Ross - 25/07/2011

Thank you for your excellent service, the harddrives are sitting on my desk already!!

First class - we may need some raid configurations in the future so I will be sure to contact you again.

Kind regards, and many thanks,

Martin Booth - 19/07/2011

Arrived safely today and I'm all set up with it...loving the drive.

Thanks very much for the speedy, efficient service.

Duncan - 08/06/2011

Hi Neil,

Just to let you know, the drive arrived yesterday, I cannot believe how fast you guys were!

The drive is excellent quality, just plugged it in, switched it on and it worked

Thanks so much for the efficient service and great communications


Derek Walker - 31/03/2011

Hi Neil,

Yes, got the parcel yesterday. Thanks for a great & quick service: will be in contact again.

Have a nice weekend.

Luca - 25/03/2011

Thank you for the help! Brilliant service. I'll be back.



Angus McDonald - 18/03/2011

All received! Thank you so much once again for your quick and efficient service.

Kind Regards'

Lucy - 17/12/2010

Just to let you know that the Raid arrived yesterday. Unfortunately it arrived at the same time as a huge project.

Hopefully I can delegate the more odious tasks to someone and start playing with our new toy soon. :-)

Thank you once again. You've been an immense help throughout this whole process and I look forward to talking to you again.' John - 09/12/2010

Neil Jones provided us with invaluable advice by checking the specifications of our system and managed to find us a much faster solution for our post-production requirements matching our need for uncompressed 2K playback.

Our DaVinci Resolve colour grading workstation runs flawlessly with the RAID delivered by Rent-a-Raid.

William H.W. Read - 21/10/2010
Director and Senior Colourist
Three Colts Media

Hi Neil,

Just a short note to say that I received everything today.

Thanks for a good service. I'll definitely be ordering more from you in the future.

Best wishes,

David Hunt - 25/08/2010

Items received mid morning and working great.

Many thanks,

Stephen - 17/08/2010

Got the drive first thing this morning so thanks for that. Very impressed with the follow up and the service in general. Will definitely recommend.

Have a good one.

J Wright - 17/08/2010

Many thanks for the assistance in setting up my new ProAVIO editbox. You've provided brilliant service - I really can't recommend you guys enough! I've posted about you on twitter as well :)

Best, Dan
Dan Sollis (Digital Distortion) - 12/05/2010

Thanks for all your help & advice yesterday. Just received my G-RAIDmini.

Going to have a little play and get it set up and running now.

Thanks again,

Paul. - 30/04/2010

Thanks for a very efficient service, have received the G-Drive already!

All the best,

D. Blackman - 20/04/2010

I would just like to say a huge thank you for not only supplying me with a value for money backup solution but also taking the time to understand my requirements and to offer me the most suitable solution for my needs. Thank you also for taking the time to take me through the installation of my backup solution in such detail and with such patience.

The customer service I have received from Rentaraid has been exceptional. I shall be recommending your services and will certainly use you again myself in the future.'

S Reed (ITL Video) - 08/03/2010

The Glyph arrived just now. Pleasure to do business with you. Quick and efficient.

Just to let you know I've bookmarked your site for future purchases and passed on my recommendations to a few people.

T. Shaw - 23/02/2010

I would just like to say thanks to Neil at rent a raid for offering such a great service, and excellent tech support with the two raid 5 arrays that I bought recently.

A great company to do business with.

Robert Daly (Blue Sky Ltd.) - 14/12/2009

Just a quick note to say thanks on the quick shipment of my Glyph GT 0500Q hard drive.

Order placed with you yesterday, Thursday. It arrived here with me today Friday 1:45ish. Thanks again for the service.

Kind regards,

M Musgreave - 11/12/2009

It arrived first thing this morning. Very many thanks for your extremely efficient and friendly service. I would certainly recommend your company to other people.


Pete - 03/12/2009

Thank you very much for your excellent personal service yesterday - in my experience 99% of companies would not have been able to offer this fast track help.

Nick Walker - 17/10/2009


I just wanted to email and say a massive thank-you for the excellent service, the package is already on my desk. Look forward to using you again in the future, as I expect we'll need more of these over time :)

Kind Regards,

Ian - 17/07/2009

Just a quick message to say a huge thanks for all your help and support. I must have asked a million questions, as going into the whole digital realm of film making with the Red camera is new to me. But you were really patient and helped me out a great deal.

The project was a success and the equipment worked without a glitch. It was a seamless workflow. I edited the whole commercial in my hotel room in Las Vegas, and everything just worked. This allowed us to wrap everything in super fast time.

Thanks and hope to work with you again.

Paul - 28/04/2008

No doubt in due course I'll need more storage and of course I will recommend you to friends. On the point of more storage you might be amused to know that when I first started out in computing I was given all of 2K for my files on our system.

Many thanks for your help and good service.

Kyriakos - 22/04/2009

Good service and quick delivery. Excellent.

Layton Thompson - 05/10/2008

We at www.exposure4.com rely upon good quality and service in our business and Rent A Raid definitely delivered!

Thank you!

D C Pearson - 30/10/2008

Really great. I got some excellent and sound advise about hardware from Rent a Raid and was able to speak to someone on the phone. When you're dealing with internet purchases I think this makes a huge difference.

No faceless call centre but real care and attention from an individual and good value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again.

G Elphicke - 09/08/2008

Really great. I got some excellent and sound advise about hardware from Rent a Raid and was able to speak to someone on the phone. When you're dealing with internet purchases I think this makes a huge difference.

No faceless call centre but real care and attention from an individual and good value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to use this site again.

G Elphicke - 09/08/2008

Completely excellent. Extremely helpful with buying advice and especially with after-sales service. Highly recommended.

L Karsten
Flotsam Films Ltd - 21/06/2008

Excellent and amazing customer care and service. Well recommended.

D Bone - 23/05/2008

Very good. Excellent support and very happy with the purchase.

Iain Black Designs - 19/05/2008

Expert advice, swift delivery, excellent service. Highly recommended.

C Hopkins - 18/05/2008

Very helpful.

N Paterson - 05/05/2008

Have used them before - always excellent service and tech support too.

P D Rope - ArtScience - 24/02/2008

Good communication, useful advice. Very helpful! Would definitely use again for those reasons.

P Ringsell - 10/02/2008

I can't thank you enough. If anything works, this will be it. I deeply appreciate your going out of your way to help me out.

Owen - Rough House - 22/01/2008

The transaction went smoothly - I got everything the next day. You can talk to real people. Shame you can not order over the phone or check stock online.

Anyway you can still check the stock over the phone and order it online as I did. The pricing is competitive too.

Martcho G Kolev - 29/12/2007

Quick turn-around and delivery.

Martin Mitchell - 25/10/2007


Alex Reynier - 24/10/2007

'Everything went just fine! I recommend this seller!

Gianluca Bonomo - 16/08/2007

The people at Rent a Raid were totally committed to ensuring that I had the right product for my needs. They checked that I had received the product and that I was happy with every aspect of their service.

Overall a great company to do business with.

Mr Ken F Peers - MusiKen Ltd. - 16/08/2007

Everythng went well and process handled swiftly.

Visualsoft Ltd - 26/07/2007

We recently asked Rent a Raid about the possibility of using a RAID array in our music studio as we needed to increase our existing systems track count and the number of virtual instruments that could be played simultaneously.

Their expertise and advice allowed us to quickly discern which hardware was the most suitable and they even came, installed and tested the system for us.

A couple of months on, the drives are still working superbly and we are extremely happy with our setup and the service that Rent a Raid offered us.

We recommend them without hesitation.

Paul Zimmer - Zimmer Audio Production - 04/06/2007

Thank you so much for being helpful and prompt from start to finish. With this kind of customer service I will def be using you web site again and recommend it to others.

John - Salford - 31/05/2007

I've just taken delivery of an 8 disk RAID5, 4TB system for my Final Cut Pro HD suite based on my existing MacPro Quad and I'm very impressed. I bought it from a company in the UK called Rentaraid and I'm amazed they can put together a system that has such extensive RAID capabilities for the price. It's also physically compact and quiet which is a great bonus. We've done a huge amount of testing and pulled drives in and out and it's coped without fault and rebuilt the raid. Even whilst rebuilding it allows me to read and write data upto 200MB/sec, everything is done in the bkgd. System very fast (400MB/sec +) easily enough for HD 10bit uncompressed...and safe.

Neil at Rentaraid was a great help setting up the system and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Best system for the money without doubt. I'm away for the next 2 weeks...hitting the sun, so contact Neil at RentaRaid if you want to know more.

Kev @ whitenoise post - Posted on Creative Cow Forum - 3/04/2007

Just a quick note to say that I received everything last Thursday, and that everything installed without a hitch... My laptop is running sweeeeet! ;)

Many thanks for your help and impartial advice. I won't hesitate to recommend your service to my associates.

Alexandros Paraschou - 26/02/2007

Its been a week since you installed the Sonnet Fusion boxes in my studio and I cannot tell you what a difference its made in my workflow as well as helping me sleep at night.

Knowing that all of my photographs are being backed up nightly is great, also knowing that you also setup a once weekly backup to be kept off site is an added bonus and a great idea.

I cannot stress enough how helpful and important you were in designing and setting up our system and without you I am sure it would have taken a lot longer.'

Julian Porter, Photographer - Julian Porter Photography - 09.02.2007

As a small business, we needed a basic network data store to use to back up our critical data - without spending large amounts of capital. 

Rentaraid quickly understood our requirements and proposed a cost effective and flexible solution that fully meets our needs. 

They were also on the telephone ready to answer our questions when we installed the device.  First class service.

Colin Jones, Director - CwJ Consulting Ltd. - 04/10/2006
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Recent Testimonials:
"Just thought I'd let you know that I am simply AMAZED at how fast this system is with the Areca.

It's the fastest AViD I've ever worked on - including full desktop with Unity!"

"3 editors flat out on multi stream Final Cut editing. Shared storage supplied by Rentaraid and is working flawlessly.

The result is our productivity has shot through the roof and exceeded my hopes.

Wish we'd installed it years ago!"

"Thank you very much for your excellent personal service yesterday .

In my experience 99% of companies would not have been able to offer this fast track help."
"Our DaVinci Resolve colour grading workstation runs flawlessly with the RAID delivered by Rent-a-Raid."
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